What we are inspiring

The educational experience of the nusery and kindergartens of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia is the didactic approach which we refer, admired and widespread throughout the world, where many schools even in italy today are beginning to be inspired.

 Following a process of approaching this reality, the Nidoscuola requested and obtained by Reggio Children, (International Center for defense is the promotion of the rights of potential of children) start training project that includes their direct supervision at the new structure and exeperience of interships in Reggio Emilia schools with their educationalists.

It is an educational philosophy that is based on the image of a child who bears potential for development and a subject of rights, who lerns and grows in relationships with others. It is proposed as global approach and draws strength from some pillars: the participation of families, the collegial work of all the staff, the importance of the educational environment, the presence of the internal kitchen and of the pedagogical and didatic coordination.

The kindergarten organized into groups called “sections” that are homogeneous by age, and constitiute the basic organizational module for implementation of the educational project. The sections are set in an open and constant dialogue with wider context of the nursery and kindergaten. The area consists of an open group of children, their parents, a group of teachers who are co-titular and co-responsible for the group.

The web site is http://www.reggiochildren.it/